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What better way to enjoy Hump Day than with a wee stroll through the veg?

Our garden got a late start this spring, thanks to the Ferment and Firmament Tour. We’re just now seeing the first tomatoes, and those tiny yellow flowers are a welcome sight.

First tomato flower

Heavy rainfall and an uncharacteristically mild summer have made for happy carrots. Ours are still growing like gangbusters in the raised bed, and that’s where they’ll stay until mid-August, when we enjoy them during the three-week hiatus between our summer and fall CSA.

Carrots August 2013

If one more person tells me how indestructible Jerusalem artichokes are, they’re going to learn what the five fingers said to the face. These people clearly have not met Seamus the Wonder Dog, whose greatest joy in life is to dig giant holes in which to nap.

Seamus hole text

Perhaps this winter, we’ll work on making that bed a little more, um, inaccessible.

Seamus likes to dig

Butternut squash were sowed directly in one of the front beds three weeks ago, and the seedlings are loving all this rain. I’m following friend Lisa’s advice and planting late to avoid the early onslaught of squash bugs. With warm temps until November, I’m hoping they’ll have enough growing time and will be ready to harvest after our fall CSA subscription ends.

Butternut squash August 2013

Sweet potatoes are my kind of plant — they seem to thrive on neglect. Their lush, green vines are steadily creeping upward, but the real test of this container experiment will come when we dig out the roots in November.

Sweet taters August 2013

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