You say you want a resolution

Bald eagle
New Year’s bald eagle sighting behind our house. An omen of more good things to come in 2015?

The holiday assault has finally run its course, and the time has come to welcome New Year’s with a sigh of relief. Makes me want to curl up under a quilt and daydream about the potential for new growth — in both the garden and in our personal lives. So here’s what we hope to accomplish on the wee homestead in 2015:

1. Wage full-scale war on plastic. Plastic makes us crazygonuts because its recycling is a myth. We’ve almost done away with plastic packaging for food and cleaning products, but there are a few egregious exceptions:  a) The toiletries in our bathroom cry “hypocrite!” each time the cabinet door opens, so expect to hear lots more about things like shampoo bars and homemade toothpaste; b) Disposable storage bags for our frozen berries and peas have gotta go, and c) Take-out boxes from restaurants are henceforward a no-no. That one’s going to hurt. But frankly, with ridiculous portion sizes being the norm, Brad and I should be splitting meals, leaving no leftovers.

2. Paint the fence and use it to trellis blackberries.

3. Ditch our unreal estate and scout out another blighted property for an urban orchard.

4. Conduct interviews with local farmers, chefs, and food advocates to share with y’all.

5. Build a carbonator. Becuzza we fell head over heels in love with water met sparkle in The Netherlands. Also, see resolution #1.

6. Cut down the dying water oak in our front yard and plant a fruit tree in its place.

7. Winterize the house. Seriously, we’re going to do it this year. I’m not kidding, god donut.

Happy new year, everyone! Make it one to remember.

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