Wrath of (Pe)can

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Here are some awesome things that happened in 1964:

That’s the good wife’s grandmother. When she passed, years back, it went to Jenn’s parents. And about a year ago, they passed it on to us.

Jenn was amazed that I volunteered to do nearly all of the pecan and pea shelling this year.  Truth is, it’s a good chance for me to sit in front of the TV and take a deep dive into the Netflix archive or watch some football without guilt. Plus, when it comes to pecans, like the 10 pounds we bought in Plains a few weeks back, I get to break out the trusty Reed’s Rocket!

nut box Dew AbidesAnd as awesome as the device is at cracking nuts, the box it came in is even cooler. It boldly bills itself as “America’s Finest Nutcracker,” and then details why. (It quickly pays for itself in savings on bulk nut purchases, nut meats left intact, and eliminates use of nutpick — if you’re keeping score.)

I tried googling the model to date it properly. Imagine my surprise to discover that you can still buy a Reed’s Rocket Nutcracker. These days, the company selling them is no longer Arthur W. Reed Manufacturing in Little Rock. It’s a company in Glennville, Ga. They’re up to model 816 now, and the device sports a fancy wooden grip, over the utilitarian turned metal on ours. But I bet both will get the best of even the meanest pecan.

Time to get crackin’!

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