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Hubby and I are continually searching for ways to eliminate disposable stuff from our lives. Especially single-use plastic, which is responsible for a whole lot of garbage production and oil consumption.

So we were tickled when our good friend Meg surprised us yesterday with a 4-pack of Klean Kanteen steel pint cups. They’re dishwasher-safe, stackable, recyclable, and will move easily from the office to the campground. One is going to find a permanent home in my purse, making disposable cups at restaurants a thing of the past.

Another thing that made me bonkers for years was the number of plastic produce bags I collected each month. Even though cloth shopping totes always came along to the grocery, I’d still end up with scads of small, useless veggie bags. And once I learned that plastic recycling isn’t really recycling — it’s downcycling — it was time to find an alternative.

Enter the lovelies at Georgia Organics, who sold these reusable cloth produce bags at their annual conference. They’re sustainably produced — down to the soy ink — and six now comfortably reside in our shopping bags, so they’re always at the ready.

What tips do you have for ditching disposables?

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