Wheel(barrow) in the Sky

Damn straight straight we pimp our wheelbarrow!

We had a neighborhood garden cleanup last weekend, and I surprised the loverly wife when we were done by wheeling the wheelbarrow into the backyard, then saying, “watch this…” and lifting it into a newly installed hanger system on the back wall of the house.

That may not sound like exciting stuff to you all, but for us it’s practically foreplay.

Best of all, I didn’t need one of your fancy, store-bought eight DOLLAR wheelbarrow hangers. I made one from two plastic plumber’s hooks and an L-shaped metal bolt.

OK, fine, those pieces were all also technically store-bought. But it only cost me TWO bucks and change. And a little scolding from the dude at Lowe’s who said, “You really gonna use those instead of the thing designed for wheelbarrows?”

You betcha. And the money I saved is enough for a pint of that High Road ice cream Jenn’s got me daydreaming about.

The Family Handyman site gave me the idea for the wheelbarrow hanger hack. Use this link, as their site has at least two other ways of doing the job. Roll down until you see the “Wheelbarrow Storage Hub” section.

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