We’re in hot water now

Some mornings, you have no idea what adventure awaits once you step out of bed. Yesterday started off nicely, with hubby replacing that hasp on the shed while I made a special weekend brunch.

Around noon, we headed to a local pawn shop noted for its high-quality tools, excited about buying a grinder that Brad would use to make a workshop table out of old oak pallets we’ve been saving. We returned home an hour later, horrified to discover a worthless scumbag thief had stolen Brad’s scooter, his primary means of transportation. Needless to say, this was my reaction.

Feeling angry and violated, we filed a police report, then drove up and down surrounding neighborhoods, hoping against hope for a bike sighting. When we returned home empty-handed, Brad said a few simple words that reminded me what’s important: “The bike was just a thing, and I’m not letting it ruin my day.” And off he went, back outside to work on the table. He’ll post more on that later.

His was absolutely the right attitude, so I decided to do something quick and creative to focus on the good in life. Our dear friend Kate gave us hot water bottles for Christmas — we all fell in love with these low-tech, magical heat sources while vacationing together in Southern Africa this summer — so I grabbed some scrap fabric and made protective cozies.

To make your own pattern, place the water bottle on a sheet of newspaper, and draw a rectangle around it, adding a couple of extra inches all the way around. Cut out two fabric rectangles using your pattern, then place one on top of the other with the two least attractive sides facing out.

Sew around three sides, leaving the top open. Cut a narrow strip of fabric long enough to tie around the bag. Fold the strip in half and sew all the way down lengthwise for added reinforcement. Flip the bag inside out and place water bottle inside. Lay the fabric tie on the back side of the cozy, at the neck of the bottle. Pin in place. Remove bottle and sew the strip to the back side of the bag.

This tiny burst of creativity was all it took to put me in a better frame of mind, and I went to sleep grateful for good friends and our shared experiences that can never be stolen. Take that, Bike Thief.


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