Weed don’t need no education¹

Crop mob

We joined a handful of Jenny Jack-Sun Farm friends and fellow CSA members Saturday night to help them pull weeds from the rows of garlic we hope to be enjoying soon. Some friends thought we were crazy for going and pulling weeds in exchange for a meal.

They were wrong.

It was more than good food. It was great company, and a much-needed chance to spend some time among folks among whom, for instance, I can talk about driving a scooter to save gas and people nod accordingly. I think, though, that we did blow the mind of a former Atlantan now living in Granada when I told him we’ve shortlisted a vacation to Minorca. (“That’s on  my list, too! … How do you even know about Minorca?”)

The food was wonderful, as it always is at Chris and Jenny’s place. Fresh-baked bread — a flax-seed loaf and one that was bedazzled with olives — and craft beers went all around. For a main dish, the pasta was topped with a creamy spinach sauce with chunks of ham. Tried not to think about how we’d seen that ham ambling on four hooves at the Jenny Jack’s Dinner on the Farm last year. The fact that it tasted so freaking awesome made it easy for me to overlook. Circle of life, bitches.

The weeds all came from the hay that the farm used for mulch. It was supposed to be run through a combine first in order to remove seed. It wasn’t. And our friendly neighborhood farmers learned an important lesson about trust when they first saw that hay sprouting right there in their garlic fields. “That was a painful day,” Chris said.

¹ Other strong contenders for this post’s title: 
    •Weed Built This City (Hang with it to 3:07…)
    Weed Aren’t Family
    •Why Can’t Weed Be Friends
    •Weed (Don’t) Belong

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