Watching your waste

This week I’m giving a talk about recycling to a group of Master Gardeners in Phenix City, Alabama. I know most of our blog’s gentle readers live far away from The Big PC, but I thought it might be helpful to share a handy reference brochure I put together for them. It alphabetically lists every item that can be recycled locally, followed by the drop-off sites.  
If nothing like this is available in your town, why not put one together? It only took an hour, and you never know — friends and neighbors might be more likely to recycle if a convenient how-to guide is hanging on their fridge.
Got any additional recycling suggestions? Post them in the comments, and I’ll be sure to include them in pamphlet 2.0. If you’re interested in a printable copy of this or the Columbus version, let me know and one will be beamed to you post-haste.
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