Under the weather

Gardeners often preach the importance of keeping a journal on daily temperature and rainfall, and now I see why. This is the first season I’ve been diligent about logging the numbers, and the wee homestead is consistently three degrees colder than the forecast. Doesn’t sound like much until you’re teetering near freezing and are wondering if container plants need to spend the night indoors or if raised beds need a sweater.

But don’t bother spending a ton on a fancy weather station. During our last Pact Free time, I picked up a $2 rain gauge and an $8 thermometer from the hardware store. This one works great, but any gizmo will do as long as it records maximum and minimum temperatures during a 24-hour period.

Oh, and don’t be fooled by that suction cup into slapping the thermometer on one of your windows. Even with our supposedly super-duper, double-pane, argon-filled, energy-efficient wonders, so much heat leaked out that it horrifically skewed our readings. And made me want to do this to our window salesman. Let’s just say we’ll be investing in storm windows soon.

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