True grits

Hubby and I try hard to eat only local food, but as I’m sure you guys know, that can be difficult. Luckily for us, we get to cheat a bit when it comes to our favorite thing – seafood. Brad hails from the Gulf Coast of Florida, so every time we pop down to see his family, we load up on shrimp fresh from the dock. That counts as local, right?

The weather has been cold and gloomy all day, so I decided to make a cheery Southern dinner with shrimp, grits from our cute-as-pie farmers at Jenny Jack Sun Farm, and sweet potato biscuits. Leftover biscuits will serve double-duty as tomorrow’s brunch, covered with loads of tomato gravy from our own canned tomato goodness.

COOKING NOTE: Paula Deen fibs when she says prep time for the biscuits is five minutes. Unless she can manipulate the space-time continuum, which is entirely possible. Because she’s cool like that.

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