The True Cost

Yes, I’m a cheap bastard. Yes, I have the fashion sense of a narwhal. But the real reason I buy secondhand clothes goes deeper than that.

With its unsustainably grown or lab-generated fabrics, toxic dyes, ungodly labor practices, and marketing campaigns that target those who can least afford to waste money, the fashion industry has long been a thorn in our sides.

So when we started The Pact back in 2007, new clothes were the first to go.

Almost anything we needed for an outfit could be obtained secondhand, and we became regular customers of what I like to call “The Boutique”. Others might call it “Goodwill”.

That was a good first step, but we know it’s not enough. Some things can’t be bought used, like athletic shoes that still have arch support, socks, and undergarments.

We’ve made it one of next year’s goals to research ethical sourcing for those necessities and to share our findings with you.

In the meantime, Netflix and Amazon Instant Video are screening “The True Cost“, a devastating but ultimately hopeful documentary about the hidden cost of that ten-dollar H&M T-shirt. It rocket-fueled our desire to support entrepreneurs who are trying to make positive changes in the clothing industry.

And now this, from John Oliver, in the best seventeen minutes you’ll spend today:

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