The Sound of Silence

This was a morning hubby and I had looked forward to all week. Heading 35 miles up the road to Buena Vista, Ga., we found ourselves at Pasaquan, where artist Eddie Owens Martin — St. EOM as he preferred — created a mind-blowing art complex on the old family homestead. Just about every inch of Pasaquan’s six buildings, masonry walls, and concrete sculptures is covered in wild, glorious color, and heaven help my neighbors, each visit makes me want to go home and create something.

Making the visit even sweeter is the fact that our craptastic cell phones don’t work in Buena Vista. So we get to enjoy a day with friends on the Preservation Society, completely cut off from the world with no choice but to relax.

And how often does a chance like that come along.

The more pervasive Facebook, Twitter, and 24/7 news coverage become, the more I crave the solace of quiet and search for excuses to turn down the noise from time to time. That’s why I’ll be joining the artists at Reboot in their National Day of Unplugging. (Thanks, Root Simple for the heads up.)

The group has even written a Sabbath Manifesto that makes me want to curl up with a glass of wine and a good book. Now that’s my kind of call-to-arms:

01. Avoid technology.
02. Connect with loved ones.
03. Nurture your health.
04. Get outside.
05. Avoid commerce.
06. Light candles.
07. Drink wine.
08. Eat bread.
09. Find silence.
10. Give back.

If you’re interested, the National Day of Unplugging is scheduled from sunset to sunset on March 1-2. The Reboot artists are also asking folks to download this I UNPLUG TO _____ poster, take a photo with it, and upload the image to their website.

So tell me, interwebs, what will you unplug to do?

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