The good, the bad, and the slugly

Had quite the rude awakening Monday morning upon discovering most of our onion leaves were broken at 90° angles and already turning brown. It looked as if a large animal had a field day tiptoeing through the garden. Immediately, I began ranting against the down-the-street neighbors’ unattended, unleashed dogs, since their giant footprints were a common sight in the broccoli beds this spring.

Hopeful the poor little guys might continue to grow and sprout new shoots, like spring onions, I left them in the ground all week. But today’s research on several extension websites made it clear that once the leaves — which manufacture and send carbohydrates to the ever-expanding bulbs — are killed, the fat lady has sung. Waving the white flag of surrender, I pulled up the onions while the withering brown tops were still attached, revealing the roots’ location. A small harvest, no doubt, but at least they won’t go to waste.

Those websites also tipped me off to another possible cause of our plants’ sudden demise: slugs. Reports of damage from yon disgusting creatures sounded exactly like what we experienced. The little punks feed at night, so I’ll pop out this evening with a flashlight to see if they’re dining on the remaining onions.

So be warned, dastardly slugs, I’ll soon be on the prowl. Because you’ve made me angry. And you won’t like Jenn when she’s angry.

(Stay tuned for further reports.)

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