The full fonty

Leave a message on the fridgeFinally finished tweaking Dashley, the groovy font I based on my friend Ashley’s even groovier handwriting. (I wrote about it last weekend.)

So this means lots of fun for everyone! Now you can:

  • Incriminate Ashley with your ransom notes “written” in her hand.
  • Convince people that you’re her black-sheep sibling as a means to finagle your way into the family estate.
  • Make her go insane by sending her notes — from herself!

I’m sure there are other great ideas. By all means, share them in the comments.

You can find the font, along with about a jillion other free ones, at the Open Font Library. It’s copyrighted, but free to use for non-commercial purposes. The page for the font is here. (Note, use the brown “Download Dashley” button, not the green download button, which is an ad.)

Have fun with it.

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  • August 10, 2013


    Create banners and awning signs with the font so she sees it all around town.

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