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The year 1984 will be remembered for Cold War paranoia of Olympian proportions, Ethiopian starvation, and embassy bombings abroad. But those same 365 days gave us Space Shuttle Discovery‘s maiden voyage, identification of the AIDS virus as a first step to a cure, and Band Aid’s recording of “Do They Know It’s Christmas” to raise money for famine relief. For every horror that threatened isolation and ignorance, a better angel surfaced to restore our humanity.

How fitting that — in such a climate — the first TED conference was held, bringing together leaders in Technology, Entertainment, and Design to share ideas that could change the world.

Lucky for us.

TED Talks from those now-revered annual conferences have become synonymous with inspiration, passion, and general kickassery. Let’s be honest, I’ll probably never make it to one of these four-day brain spas, but that’s OK since the talks are available for free viewing on TED.com. And Netflix has handily organized them into groupings by topic, including one called Chew on This, an assortment of conversations that cover food quality, sustainability, obesity, and famine — subjects Brad and I care about deeply.

And that brings us to tonight’s Monday Night at the Movies.

We probably won’t make it through all of them, but Jamie Oliver’s Teach Every Child About Food, Dan Barber’s How I Fell in Love with a Fish, and Josette Sheeran’s Ending Hunger Now will definitely be in the queue.

So kick back and join us for a couple of TEDs this evening, and let’s find out if words and ideas really can change the world.

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