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high road

We first learned about High Road ice cream at the Farmers Feast — a ridonkulous nine-course meal made entirely of food and wine sourced in Georgia — held on the last night of the Georgia Organics conference. After eight plates of things like delicately braised beef and candied carrots, dessert had no choice but to come with a side of high expectations.

Imagine my surprise when cardboard pints of ice cream started to make their way down the table.

The jaded food snob in me thought for a split second, “Seriously, ice cream in a carton? How can that possibly compare to the rest of the meal?”

Oh, silly, silly Jenn.

What I didn’t yet understand was that I was about to eat the greatest ice cream of my entire life. Ice cream so good that it made the livestock farmer across the table whimper like a little girl. There may have giggling. OK, there was a lot of giggling — especially over the tub of Bourbon Burnt Sugar.

Needless to say, there wasn’t a lick of ice cream left in the convention center by the end of the evening. Hubby and I swore no matter what we’d have to do, we’d bring some of that goodness home next time we were anywhere near the Atlanta creamery.

So on a trip to the big city to see my favorite band, we loaded up our biggest cooler with a bag of dry ice, intending to buy a totally inappropriate amount of ice cream. Mission accomplished. We’re finally finishing off the last of it a year later.

With recent shoutouts from O and Cooking Light, High Road is starting to hit the big time, and you might be able to find some in your neck of the woods. So keep an eye out, especially you Southerners, for flavors like Fig and Sherry, Chili Lime, and Watermelon Mint.

Just be sure to save a pint of Bourbon Burnt Sugar for me.

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