Thanksgiving #greenfriday, The Dew Abides
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If I had but two words to describe the malaise that has taken hold of this country, those words would be Black Friday.

The greed, the consumption, the environmental and humanitarian consequences, the unethical marketing that whips shoppers into a frenzy over deals that don’t exist.

But this isn’t a rant. The rule around here is “shut your piehole unless you offer a solution to the problem,” so here’s what I got. Let’s start a movement to take back our Day of Digestion. Right here. Right now.

Forget the 2 a.m. lines. Don’t bother with the screaming and pushing. Instead, sleep in. Brew a hot cup of coffee. Play board games or go for a bike ride with family and friends. The possibilities are endless, and I guarantee the shared experience will yield far more satisfaction than that $400 laptop you’ll never actually find.

Here’s where The Movement comes in. Let the world know you’re taking a stand by tweeting your alternative plans and tagging #takebackfriday. (Tag @DewAbides as well so it’s easy to follow the fun.) Don’t wait until Friday — go ahead and start inspiring our online community with your ideas, and share this post with everyone you know so we can all put a little joy back in our holidays.

While we’re Tweetering, throw some love to DinnerMode too. Enjoying an unplugged Thanksgiving meal on the day itself — and allowing store workers to do the same — is a pleasure everyone deserves. So skip the Apple store, pass the cranberry sauce, and tag the festivities with #dinnermode.

Oh, and be sure to save me a piece of pecan pie.

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