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Searching for treasure on Black Friday

The only thing on my shopping list was contact solution. An easy 10-minute detour at the store, right?

That was before the disorienting sensory assault of all things Christmas, which practically had me seizing on the ground like an epileptic at a Pokemon convention.

It was a candyland of red and green, with aisle after aisle of blinking decorations, and displays of plastic Star Wars toys big enough to give Jabba himself pause. And don’t even get me started on the Christmas music, which has been playing 24 hours a day since Nov. 2. (I’m talkin’ to you, Sunny 100.)

Have the Mad Men of the world convinced us we can shop our way to holiday happiness?

Are we content to let Christmas chew up more and more of our calendar’s real estate with each passing year?


Each of us can say, “Enough.” Each of us has enough.

So let’s do something radical and start a revolution of joy. Let’s spend the rest of this month giving thanks for what we already have and, more importantly, who we have in our lives. Let’s stay out of the shops (except for the grocery and the growler store, of course — we’re not savages.)

Instead, take a walk with your family, spend an entire evening with friends at a restaurant, give yourself some quiet time with a book. And in the name of all things holy, don’t be lured into the retail theater of Black Friday.

Brad and I refuse to let advertising firms dictate what will make us happy, so for the second year, we’ll spend our Day of Digestion celebrating #takebackfriday. We plan to get as far away from the city center as possible, enjoying a little birding and hiking, and stocking up on a healthy supply of calm to get us through a busy December.

We hope you’ll do the same — and share those comments and photos with our Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram communities, using the hashtag #takebackfriday.

If you spend Black Friday outdoors, be sure to give some love to the hashtag #optoutside as well, to support REI’s decision to close on Black Friday — giving their 12,000 employees a day off with pay, to enjoy what matters most.

And know that we’re grateful for you, our family of readers, for your encouragement and advice over the last three years. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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