Strawberry sorbet*

Included in Saturday’s CSA pickup was a bag of weird green leaves I didn’t recognize. Being stupid adventurous, I ripped off a hefty chunk and took a bite. After my mouth turned right-side out again, I realized it was sorrel, a tart yet intriguing herb.

Farmers Chris and Jenny suggested using it in sweets (as you would rhubarb), and Mother Earth News published a mouthwatering recipe for sorrel-strawberry sorbet. Perfect for this week’s treat, since berries were part of our delivery. Plus alliteration makes everything taste better.

It’s a cinch to make, and what a gorgeous color. The only criticism is that the fruit flavor — how is this possible — might actually be too strong, so future batches will have a little water in the mix.

Next on the list for herbal dessert concoctions: watermelon mint sorbet.

*Great, now this is stuck in my head, and I’ve got no one to blame but myself.

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