Strawberry fields forever

I hereby declare canning season officially open. Eight gallons of delicious local strawberries found their way to the wee homestead this week, and a fresh batch of jam is now tucked away in the pantry. The rest of the berries were washed, trimmed, and packed in quart-sized freezer bags to be enjoyed throughout the year. Fifteen quarts, to be precise.

If you’ve never eaten a strawberry right out of the ground, run posthaste to the nearest farmers’ market for an experience that will make your face melt. After purchasing these beauties, hubby and I bumped into a buddy at the coffee shop who quickly snatched one from the box. After taking a bite, his eyes grew big as saucers, and all he could say was, “Oh. My. God.”

I know, right?

For directions on how to can just about anything, go here or here. And be sure to follow their instructions for boiling the filled jars in a hot water bath, unless you really do want your face to melt.

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