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This year marked our first attempt to grow sweet potatoes in containers on the wee homestead, an experiment to determine the smallest amount of space needed for a substantial root crop.

Apparently, the answer is more than a five-gallon bucket.

We went into it expecting a small harvest — maybe four or five potatoes per container — but were disappointed to find only one or two instead. These guys need room to stretch their legs, so it’s back to the drawing board. Maybe next year we’ll try that eroding bank in front of the house.

Not a total failure though. That small forest of greens will last us a month. And those gorgeous All Purple variety of taters inspired a kitchen hack that would make MacGyver proud.

Sweet potato greens

While one of us (ahem) was  bleeding all over preserving apples a few weeks ago, hubby had a revelation. Couldn’t you replace the apple with a potato, adjusting the peeler depth to slice up curly fries?

He mentioned the idea to our cute-as-pie farmer Chris, who replied with wide eyes, “If that works, it could change the world!”

Indeed, Chris, indeed.

Curly fries on apple corer

So we removed the corer attachment to the peeler, and on went our purple spuds, and it worked beautifully — issuing forth long, spindly creations straight from a Ridley Scott movie.

Homemade curly fries

We deep-fried the long strands and dusted them with sea salt. Sweet, crisp and, most importantly, fun to play with. Yeah, we’ll be doing that again.

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