Special Herbs and Spices

Remember that raised bed in the back yard, built in a two-hour frenzy of disgust? Well, that little patch of land has turned into the most productive, least needy garden we tend. As we speak, it’s covered in rosemary, basil, spearmint, oregano, sage, echinacea, and parsley. Ohmygodsomuchparsley.

And thanks to hubby, I now have a better place for drying than the coat hanger that used to dangle in our pantry.

He simply placed a second three-foot section of rebar above the skillets in our steampunked pot rack. Et voilà. A drying rack for $4.67. Or you could spend approximately 12.8 times that much for one from Williams-Sonoma. (Seriously, the Williams-Sonoma catalog has an “agrarian” section?)

With a few supplemental herbs from our cute-as-pie farmers — like dill, fennel, sorrel and cilantro — I’m pleasantly surprised to find that we’ve preserved almost all the spices that find their way into our bellies every day. And with very little effort.

Feeling so good, I might even try to crack the code for the real special herbs and spices.

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