Solar dehydrator update

OK, so it’s not the fastest process in the world but, otherwise, I’m pleased with The Dehydrinator. It doesn’t reach the promised 120°F, but the thermometer inside reads 100°F right now, even with an ambient morning temperature of 75°F. Not too shabby.

dehydrated pears

Might have sneaked a bite of the pears we began drying last week — quality control, you know — and the flavor was sweet and intense. A few more days and these suckers will be ready for a trail mix that will have us singing with joy.

Several inquisitive ants have been found on the exterior glass but, knock on wood, none have worked their way down to the fruit. Seamus the Wonder Dog had largely ignored the thing until today, when he saw me toss in a few Principe Borgheses. Needless to say, he was intrigued, so we’ll see if the mesh can withstand his inappropriate obsession with tomatoes.

Stay tuned for further reports.

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