Shoots as ladders

Pasaquan is an astounding place of inspiration. Eddie Owens Martin, aka St. EOM, began to cultivate this visionary art site back in the 1950s, and we had the pleasure of volunteering out there for several hours last Saturday.

Bamboo is a common site on the grounds, as St. EOM strategically planted thickets across the landscape. A sneaky patch was beginning to creep up on one of the buildings, but our friend Bond and his trusty handsaw saved the day. Afterwards, hubby and I pondered what to do with the stalks, to keep them from going to waste.

Then we remembered the newly-planted sweet potatoes.

Those taters will produce vines. Vines that need trellising.

And so a plan was hatched. Twelve shoots were cut down to six-foot sections, and off came the leaves. The culms are drying in the back yard now and will soon be staked in our five-gallon containers, where I’ll tie them together like teepee frames.

As the vines begin to levitate, I’ll twist them around the bamboo, creating a living piece of art. I hope Eddie would be happy.

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