Shhhh, the baby onions are sleeping

Gardening season is officially open — I sowed onion seeds today. These little Granex Hybrids are hanging out in the kitchen, where they’ll live until being transplanted sometime around March 15.
Southern Exposure’s cultural notes claim these are similar to Vidalias, with high yields of large, exceptionally sweet bulbs. Granex Hybrid is supposed to be well-suited to our southern climate, which means it can handle this. Let’s hope that’s true because hubby and I love onions almost as much as we love garlic.
Note how the seed trays are stored in clear plastic containers. I picked up this trick from a good friend who’s also a botanist. Not only do containers make it easy to carry seedlings outdoors when it’s hardening-off time, but they also allow me to water from the bottom. Plants can soak up as much as they need into the trays, and I don’t have to worry about breaking young, delicate stems if I accidentally pour too heavy a stream overhead.
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