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Only worked a half day yesterday, so what did I do with all that spare time to relax? That’s right. I went on a canning binge. With another giant head of cabbage in this week’s CSA selection — there’s only so much cole slaw two people can eat — it seemed like a good idea to make more sauerkraut. Seven more pints, to be precise, bringing our grand total to ten.

Fifteen pounds of green beans also came home with us this weekend, and two of those pounds went into a batch of dilly beans. We preserved some last year and liked them fine, but they didn’t blow us away. In the beginning, that is. But what we’ve discovered is their deliciousness increases the longer they pickle. So into the pantry went another five pints, not to be opened until winter.

By now, the kitchen was approximately 1,000,001°F thanks to the boiling water bath, so I figured I might as well cowboy up and knock out a little baking. After all, how much hotter could it get? Made two gorgeous loaves of carrot bread — one for now and one to store in the freezer — using this recipe.

Incidentally, the loaves had to cook thirteen minutes longer than recommended, until the center was completely done. Standard operating procedure every single time I make carrot bread, presumably because of the roots’ high water content. Do you guys have any suggestions for making the batter less moisty?

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