Ramp up

Before we could paint the shed, we had to first move the things that already had found themselves stacked against it, to include:

  • a wheelbarrow
  • wooden ramps (for moving the scooters into the pickup)
  • ladders
  • leftover oak from the custom worktable project

Yeah, I know. The damn shed is only a few months old. How did it accumulate so much junk so soon? You can only imagine what my bedroom looked like when I was a kid. Or when I was an adult, before Jenn whupped me into shape.

I digress. Now that we’ve finished the painting — save the purple door, which is a flourish I’ll add this weekend, weather permitting — I wanted to find new homes for these pieces of miscellany. Found a great place to stow those troublesome wooden ramps. They tucked up neatly under the deck stairwell, after I added a couple of pieces of wood to hold them in place.

I used more scrap wood, so there was absolutely no added cost. Total project time: About 15 minutes. Score!

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