Rain? Check.

The morning began with such high hopes. All week I had looked forward to buying a giant truck o’dirt to plant containers of sweet potatoes and tomatoes. And then the rain began to fall. And fall. And fall.

Sigh. The best laid plans…

But that just means it was a good day for indoor projects. After picking up this week’s CSA — which included broccoli, strawberries, baby carrots, swiss chard, salad greens, collards, and a special gift of bourbon fig jam — it was time to consult The Holy Books (1, 2, and 3) to plan this week’s menu:

  • Sunchokes au gratin; salad
  • Frittata with mint, spinach, and cheese; salad
  • Pasta with carrot green pesto; steamed broccoli with garlic and oregano butter
  • Corn bread; collards; carrots with dill and brown sugar
  • Shrimp and grits; wilted chard with Parmesan
  • Waffles covered with strawberry and figgy goodness

Then it was on to that delectable head of cabbage I’ve been eyeing for a few weeks as potential sauerkraut. Using a slightly tweaked version of last year’s recipe that included a clove of garlic and bit of dried Santa Fe chile in each pint, four containers were quickly filled and covered with salt, vinegar, and water.

Hubby,  no doubt, was having a flashback to last year’s epic fail when I busted him sneaking a peak at the boiling jars — which were empty but soaking in a sterilizing bath — just to make sure I hadn’t nuked them too soon.

The finished product looks pretty darn good. In six weeks, the sauerkraut will take a fifteen minute hot water bath to kill off any lingering cooties. We’ll report back on the suckage level of the new recipe.

In the meantime, maybe this pearl talisman will give us a few rain-free hours tomorrow to get some work done around the wee homestead.

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