Roasted radishes dew abides

I hate radishes.

OK, I used to hate radishes. But our cute-as-pie farmers keep giving them to us each week in our CSA. For three weeks, they’ve been piling up in the refrigerator, daring me to toss perfectly good food in the compost bin.

Y’all know, if there’s anything I hate more than radishes, it’s wasting food. And so began the search for a recipe that a) didn’t suck and b) produced something more exciting than crunchy chunks in a salad.

The search resulted in not one, but two recipes that fit the bill.

Gerard Craft’s roasted radishes were a huge success. Not in a “well, didn’t that make nasty food mildly palatable” sort of way — more like “I’m going to stab you with a fork to get the last one out of the pan.” The radishes were crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and drizzled with a hint of citrus.

But don’t use those greens in the roasting pan. Instead, save them for a delicious radish-top soup, made with fresh potatoes and garlic from the farmer’s market.

You win this time, radishes. But I’m not backing down on celery.

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