Poe-trait of a perfect evening

Forgive the radio silence, gentle readers, but we’ve been fighting connectivity issues with our interweb provider. All seems to be resolved now, and at least the server’s demise occurred while we were away on a much-anticipated road trip to Atlanta.

Reason for the trip? Brad surprised me at Christmas with tickets to Tales of Edgar Allan Poe at the Center for Puppetry Arts along with the promise of a Day-of-the-Dead-themed dinner at Bone Garden Cantina.

(Insert confession here: I have a totally inappropriate love of puppets. I blame Jim Henson.)

Courtesy of Center for Puppetry Arts
Courtesy of Center for Puppetry Arts

It’s funny, as my Mom got older, she began saying of holidays, “Don’t give me anything that has to be dusted. Let’s just enjoy being together.” With each passing year, that sentiment makes more and more sense.

Hubby’s commitment to giving gifts of experiences, not things, has brought more joy than any ring from Jared ever could, and yesterday was no exception. Our shared dinner of tacos made with hibiscus flowers and lavender-mint-infused tequila cocktails was so memorable, it inspired us to incorporate more herbs and flowers into home-cooked meals.

As an added bonus, there was enough time before the Poe-ppets for an impromptu visit to the Frida Kahlo-Diego Rivera exhibit at The High. And just when the night couldn’t possibly get any better, we discovered the CPA had expanded to include a museum of international puppets, including the shadow variety that stole my heart on a trip to Cambodia. And they have a Skeksis. (If you don’t know what that is, go here. Now.)

The night ended with Poe’s hauntingly beautiful words brought to life by three actors, a small army of puppets, and some ingenious stage direction. Driving home, I was filled with gratitude for an adventure that won’t soon be forgotten. Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving.

And no dusting required.

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