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The Dew Abides first CSA pickup

Spring’s first CSA pickup was Saturday, and I was happy enough to dance with a turnip.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful for our extensive stash of preserves and would rather be trapped in a room with a zombie than complain about a lack of fresh food on the dinner table. All the same, I was ecstatic to see that Jenny Jack Sun Farm tent at the farmer’s market.

So what arrived in our first bag of goodies?Mah tummy has a happy

Green onions
Japanese lettuce
Napa cabbage
1 doz. eggs

The question I hear most often about eating seasonally is what in the world to do with the abundance of early-season greens. Do we eat plate after plate of boring, boiled leaves until summer veg is harvested? Far from it. Here’s this week’s menu:

Hubby and I make a game of finding creative uses for simple, fresh ingredients, and each week presents a new Iron Chef-like challenge. So bring on those radishes and kohlrabi — we’re ready.

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