Pickle, You’re Fancy

pickled carrots, Dew Abides

“Hold the pickles” is my mantra. Kindly keep those flaccid, green slivers of funk off my sandwich. I don’t even like them fried. (Yes, Southerners really will fry anything.)

Which is ironic because I love to pickle everything else imaginable, just not cucumbers. Okra, beets, green beans and peppers are regularly doused in vinegar and spice. And this year, we’ve added two new roots to the rotation — carrots and sunchokes.

It was three years ago, at the Georgia Organics Farmer’s Feast, when I discovered pickled carrots, and the cravings haven’t stopped since. This is the first year our city has sponsored a winter farmer’s market, so I was able to snag a few pounds of early-season baby carrots from Little Bit Farm. Four pints preserved with more to come.

pickled sunchokes, Jerusalem artichokes, Dew Abides

Farmer and friend Jenny turned me into a pickled sunchoke junkie recently during a relaxed afternoon of canning on the farm. (Though I think Jenny gets most of the credit for the quality of the batch, since I was busy watching Velma the Pig toss piglets from her food trough in a wildly entertaining game of porcine Tiddlywinks.) Turmeric makes these crunchy treats both pungent and beautiful, and the recipe is easy. They’ll be striking on an appetizer tray at parties, assuming I don’t devour them all in one sitting.

piglets, pickled sunchokes, Jerusalem artichokes, Dew Abides

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