For years, Brad and I have been members of Georgia Organics because we believe that food should be:

  • fresh from the tree/stalk/vine to which it was attached
  • bursting with flavor
  • profitable for a local farm

and should not be:

  • harvested ohmygodwaytooearly
  • bred for sturdiness instead of taste
  • transported thousands of miles

It’s no surprise, then, that we also believe in another major tenet of the organic movement — that synthetic pesticides can persist and break down life in the soil. And now a study published in the current issue of Environmental Research shows the startling amount of pesticides that are building up in our bodies, too.

When you have a few minutes, check out the study for yourself. Meanwhile, this short video does a great job of showing how the experiment was set up — and how pesticides dropped up to 95 percent after participants ate organic food for only one week.

So go get you some of that good, good organic food. In our neck of the woods, Georgia Organics will point you in the right direction with their Good Food Guide. Elsewhere in the U.S., check out Local Harvest to find a farm near you. And please share this story to help us get the word out. Because every bite we take of naturally grown food is an act of reclamation — of our own health and the health of the earth.

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