Pepper pusher

cherry peppers

Biting into a slice of pizza covered in pickled cherry peppers for the first time, my brain nearly melted. That combination of sweet, spicy, tangy, and salty made a stop at every taste bud on the tongue map.

I’m convinced, though, that Deorio’s must soak those suckers in crack because there’s no other logical explanation for my incessant craving — and my total inability to recreate the experience at home. Every attempt using store-bought canned peppers has been unsatisfying, to say the least.

So when we passed a display of forty pepper varieties at Saturday’s farmers market, visions of peppery pie began dancing in my head, and I wondered if we could finally hack the pickling puzzle.

I didn’t pick a peck, just a handful of bright red cherries and miniature green bells — enough to fill one pint jar for an experimental batch. In a few weeks, we’ll pull them out for a taste test and share the recipe, if it produces even the slightest case of melty brain.

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