Peanut butter better

What does Indiana Jones have in common with homemade peanut butter? (Besides being kick-ass?) Watch this video to find out. Yes, it’s three minutes. But I promise it’s entertaining.

We got the peanuts from Jenn’s mom. A friend of hers who has a peanut farm bumped into her and literally handed her about 40 pounds of raw peanuts. They were mercifully already shelled, so making the peanut butter for us was pretty simple. Getting the husks off the roasted peanuts is the most mundane part, but it was a good excuse for me to watch a few episodes of “The Wire.”
wide shot


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  • […] of former President Jimmy Carter and Georgia’s ground zero for peanuts. Thinking about the next year of fresh peanut butter, I swung into the parking lot of the big peanut distributor downtown, only to find them closed too. […]

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