Pantry Raid

Last week was nuts, thanks to a few issues with my parents’ health and a stony mineral concretion’s attack on Brad’s kidney. The end of each exhausting day found me staring blankly into the pantry, crying:

Pantry Raid, Dew Abides

At which point, we went out for pho or pizza.

But no more. For two weeks, I hereby declare a Pantry Raid. With the exception of a hall pass to dine out once each week with friends, all meals will be prepared with the countless pounds of food we preserved last summer.

Don’t feel too bad for us. Those meals will be better than almost anything we can get at  a restaurant, but they do require a bit of planning.

For breakfast: shrimp and grits; savory oatmeal with leaf masala, cashews and golden raisins; egg and cheese biscuits; sweet potato home fries with eggs, Welsh rarebit, crepes with apples, cheese and ginger.

Lunch and dinner: sunchoke and mushroom soup; pasta with fra diavolo sauce, butternut squash risotto with Italian green beans; fried bream with butter beans and black-eyed peas; catfish tacos; shrimp gumbo; shepherd’s pie with sweet potato topping.

The moratorium with be lifted on February 14, when Brad and I share our very special Valentine’s Day tradition. And, oh, I can’t wait.

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