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Rainbow tomato canning

Summer passed in such a blur that I’ve only now realized I never posted about preserving this year’s tomatoes.

The first marathon canning session came, literally, the day after arriving home from The Netherlands. Exhausted from travel and disheartened by scooter theft, we forced ourselves to drive to the farm to pick up the fifty pounds of produce Chris and Jenny had put aside for us.

That’s the good thing about growing and preserving food. Plants don’t accept excuses. Those beautiful, rainbow-colored heirlooms will continue to ripen, regardless of life’s obstacles. The choice to sit on the sofa, letting all that bounty rot while moping about the present, or to suck it up in the interest of future reward — well, that’s up to you.

A nice kick in the pants that applies to more than just the garden.

With Brad’s help, we finished forty pints in eight hours and stood back to enjoy the sight of winter’s reprieve. And then we passed out.

(Details on the water-bath canning process can be found here, if you’re interested in giving it a try yourself.)

Mercifully, we had a two-week break before the next thirty pounds arrived from the farm. A few more hours of canning brought our total stash up to 72 pints plus an extra five of salsa.

With near-freezing temperatures tonight, I’ll be thinking warm, summer thoughts while whipping up a batch of shrimp pasta covered in those beautiful tomatoes.

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