Pickled okra

The first okra of the season was piled high in our farmers’ booth at this weekend’s market, so I grabbed a couple of pounds for pickling.

Until last year, all pickled products were assumed to be equally disgusting in my world. But after tasting a bite of Wickles pickled okra at a concert under the stars at Standard Deluxe, I was a changed woman. Who knew they could be so crispy and tart — so good that an entire jar could be eaten in one sitting? Theoretically speaking, of course. Not that I would do such a gluttonous thing. (urp)

Once home, we gave it a shot ourselves and found a recipe that’s both simple and delicious. Pulled this bad boy out again yesterday, and it only took an hour to preserve five pints. I’ll probably make one more batch next week to be thrown in the mix with our already pickled green beans and beets — as well as the soon-to-be-vinegarized carrots — so we can enjoy tangy salad goodness all winter long.

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