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Homemade peanut butter

Achtung, fellow peanut butter junkies. If you live in Georgia, peanuts have been harvested and are available at your local farmer’s market. In Columbus, a five-pound bag of the raw, unshelled variety will run you $8.45 at Marvin’s Market. How does that translate to an actual nut count? Roughly a one-gallon bag full after shelling.

We’ll probably pick up another ten or fifteen pounds to get us through the year. Sounds like a lot of work, but hubby and I mindlessly shelled one-third of a bag while watching a short documentary last night. Quite relaxing, actually.

Once you’ve had homemade peanut butter, there’s no going back to the glop from the store. We keep raw nuts in the freezer — our last supply stayed fresh for two years. When you need a batch of butter, simply roast a pan of peanuts, then follow these crazy directions.

But no matter how strong the urge, resist the temptation to sing this song. You will regret it. For days.

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