No picnic

ant climbing a wall

I’m not sure what inspired them to violate our detente, but the damn sugar ants have tried to establish a beachhead in our bathroom.

These guys have long used my picket fence as their I-85, and I’ve looked the other way. They annually turn the beech above my pickup into their aphid pastureland, which always ends with enough honeydew on the truck that it actually mildews. (Yeah, I know. Sexy.) Still, our rule has always been, just stay out of the house.

Now not only have they thumbed their little insect noses at our treaty, but they’ve done so by invading the most newly renovated and airtight room — the one with nary a window to the outside world. And they don’t even have thumbs.

Tiny bastiges.

Maybe they’re mad because of the genocide we propagated on their distant cousins with boric acid last month.

For these guys, we’re trying a misdirection ploy first, before firing up any chemical warfare.

Vinegar and Jenn

That is to say, we’re wiping down their paths with vinegar, which erases or overpowers their trail of pheromones that they use to establish their a(nt)venues. We’re now at Day 2, and it seems to be working. I mean, there are still a half a dozen ants any time I check, but they’re disorganized and maybe even a little spaced out thanks to the vinegar fumes.

If they don’t abandon this front, we’ll move on to some other natural tricks before breaking out the mustard gas. The folks at Our Homemade Happiness have lots of other natural combatant tactics, which we’ll dip into if’n we have to.

But hopefully not. We wouldn’t want this to turn into some horrible morality tale about the pitfalls of escalation, like “The Dark Knight” and junk.

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