Nectar of the gods

Cucumbers are taking over the wee homestead. I’ve made cucumber-dill salad, sliced them up for snacks and toppings on greens, and even tried them on bruschetta.  But I draw the line at pickles — it’s too easy to turn them into flaccid, chewy nastiness. So unless you have a gift with vinegar or your name is Wickles, back away from the canner. Myself included.

With two giant cucurbits left in the crisper, I puzzled over a new and exciting use. Then I remembered my good friend Kristen once ordering a fancy drink with cucumber gin. Surely an infusion wouldn’t be difficult?

Cucumber-infused gin

So I sliced up the cucumbers, placed them in two quart-sized mason jars, and covered them with gin. Stored in our cool, dark pantry, they’ve been given a good shake once or twice daily.

After three days, the cucumber notes are deliciously strong. I’ll probably give it another day— just to see if it makes a notable difference — before trying a good old fashioned gin fizz.

Peach infusions

While cleaning the fridge, I found two peach stowaways that somehow escaped canning, so I followed the same technique with them. One went into a pint jar of brandy and one into a pint of gin. Peaches generally take longer to infuse, so I’ll do a taste test next week and report back.

As a side note, the cucumbers were organic but not the peaches. So I removed the peach skins before soaking, even though it means the color won’t be so beautifully saturated.

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