Movie Night: ‘Queen of Versailles’

We crammed in a few documentaries this weekend, prepping for the Oscars. Three nominees are on Netflix instant: “The Invisible War,” “5 Broken Cameras” and “How to Survive a Plague.” But none of these fit the model for The Dew Abides, so I couldn’t do a twofer.

That’s OK, since it’s going to be a rainy night and perfect for curling under a blanket with another film. So I searched for something both acclaimed and Abide-able.

Enter: “The Queen of Versailles.” It’s a 2012 film about two resort owners who are building the world’s largest single-family home as the economy around them collapses. So it looks like an easy mark for a consumerism finger-wagging session later. Woot woot! Raise the roof! Or maybe it’s raze the roof…

The film is 100 minutes long, and also on the Netflix. It cleaned up with a bunch of awards at various festivals, including a best-director nod for Lauren Greenfield (who was unsuccessfully sued by her subjects). It’s rated PG. Here’s the trailer:

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