Monday Night at the Movies: ‘Grow!’

Have to confess, I’ve already seen this week’s selection, but GROW! is so visually rich and inspiring, it warrants another play. Atlanta filmmakers Christine Anthony and Owen Masterson have created a sun-drenched love letter to Georgia’s young farmers, including our own CSA providers, Chris and Jenny. After seeing it last year at a warm-up event to the Georgia Organics conference, I knew that growing food would be a permanent part of my life.

GROW!, which received a smackton of awards and was an official selection at the 2012 Wild & Scenic Film Festival, is now available for online viewing. Go here for both national and international download links. Looks like it’ll set you back a $3.99 rental fee, but that’s a small price to pay to support independent film.

Got a documentary you’d like to share with The Dew Abides community? Just post it in the comments, and we’ll feature it in an upcoming post.

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  • Indeed! We watched it I guess about a year ago. And it was pivotal in my eliminating meet from most of my meals (it’s probably 20 pct or less now). But I can’t give up cheese. I just can’t.

    • We love cheese too, but the China Study gave us pause and we’re considering going vegan. I’m trying to figure out how to cook and feed us without eggs, dairy, gluten and processed sugar. I’ve eliminated artificial dyes and flavors and converted most of my kitchen to organic, taking out anything potentially genetically modified. That basically leaves fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, rice and potatoes as well as the non-gluten grains and flours. I haven’t eaten land animals for years, but even as a vegetarian, I ate eggs and cheese. We’re trying this change in diet to see if it will help our son’s ADHD and autism symptoms.

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