Monday Night at the Movies

It’s hubby’s turn to pick the Monday Night at the Movies selection, and this flick promises to focus on one of Brad’s favorite topics: two-wheeled vehicles and the cities who love them.

urbanized_01This week, we’ll be watching Urbanized, a film that looks at the issues of urban design in communities around the world. Many of these places are making great strides in alternative transportation, and I can only hope that some of our own city planners will be watching instead of coming up with new and creative ways to endanger the bicycling community. (Yes, Slade Drive and Talbotton Road, I’m talkin’ to you.)

We hope you’ll join us this evening, and let us know what you think. Is there a documentary you’d like to watch with our online family? If so, just send us the title in the comment section, and we’ll feature it in an upcoming post.


  • February 19, 2013

    Wendy Henning

    Finally got around to watching this last night. Loved it, especially as I’m a closet urban designer. It reminds me to reconnect with this guy who I had forgotten I adore.

    Also reminds me to MOVE TO COPENHAGEN NOW.

  • February 22, 2013


    For reals. Never thought I’d say this in my lifetime, but Bogota is looking pretty good!

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