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labels-800What good’s a kicky wine without a kicky label, right?

So after we bottled up our batch of peapod wine, I wanted to put something fun on the bottle. Something fun like a goat – because Jenn loves her some goats – chomping on a set of cute lil’ peas who are screaming in Munch-ian terror.

The “Barnyard” is there not just as a play on my name but as a nod to the time Jenn and her friends Kristen and Kate were at a conference in Dallas, at a nice restaurant, attempting to order a bottle of wine from a waiter who suggested that their choice was a little “barnyard,” and wouldn’t they rather enjoy this other, more expensive bottle? (Spoiler alert: The rest of the convo went basically as, “No, pissbritches, we want the bottle we asked for.”)

You’ll notice a vintage year on there, but not ABV level. So, yeah, we forgot to do an initial gravity measure on the wine and, as a result, we have no idea how strong it is. From a little taste test as we bottled, though, we do know it can make one a wee tipsy. Oh, and Blue Blaze is what we intend to call our orchard, assuming we ever grow our orchard.

And if that orchard doesn’t happen in good order, at least we’ve got a few bottles of wine in which to drown our sorrows. And this to watch:

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