Kings of Leon

After much hullabaloo, Winter Storm Leon hit the Deep South yesterday, and the whole neighborhood is under a couple inches of powdery white snow.  Why not sit a spell and join us for a photographic stroll through the wee homestead?

frozen seats snow dew abides

We had to get creative protecting the veg from this unexpected icy assault. Who knew recycling bins could be so handy?

brussels sprouts snow dew abides
brussels sprouts snow dew abides

Plastic garbage bags were quickly cut to size and placed over our baby strawberries before the storm hit.  Let’s hope they can handle 48 hours of being gently smothered by falling snow.

Frozen strawberries
frozen strawberries snow dew abides

And the poor, poor carrots. Their feathery green tops are somewhere under there. Maybe.

The good news is we’re warm(ish), stocked up on books, and full of delicious, home-preserved food, so all will be well until tomorrow’s thaw. Everyone stay safe out there, especially our readers in the Midwest.

Winter selfie
Winter selfie Dew Abides
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