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The conversation went something like this:

Brad: [Dagnabbit!] How am I supposed to use this [goshdarned] starch bottle when the [goshdarned] nozzle keeps breaking?*
Me: …

Even though hubby espouses the meditative value of ironing, he doesn’t have cause to do it often. But one of his Pact-Free November splurges was a new white dress shirt, which needed to be crisp and shiny for its debut at the office. So out came the ironing board — and starch.

And that’s where things got messy. Literally. The tiny spray nozzle jammed up, popped off, and refused to go back in place. And the stinky contents spewed everywhere when the broken stem was pressed. (To add fuel to this aerosol-soaked fire, our previous bottle had done the exact same thing.)

As Brad violently purposefully shook the can, willing it to cooperate, I grabbed the ol’ Compy and looked up a homemade alternative.

Turns out it’s easy to whip together. Just mix one tablespoon of corn starch with a pint of water in a spray bottle. This less stinky concoction works great, costs about 7¢ for a year’s supply, and doesn’t use a steel canister that ends up in the landfill.

The only drawback? What will I do without hubby’s entertaining outbursts against inanimate objects?

*These might not have been the actual words.

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