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Summer’s bounty of berries, tomatoes, and beans is wonderful, but it’s just not enough to fill the piehole come winter. That’s when you need hearty roots and comforting carbs to get you through those long, chilly nights.

For years, I shied away from stocking up on delicacies like sweet potatoes and butternut squash, convinced they’d spoil without a proper root cellar. But after much thoughtful research and note taking, I finally figured out the magical secret to helping them survive the cold months:

1. Buy veg.

2. Stash in container.

3. Eat when hungry.

Yeah, I had been way overthinking the issue. After all, refrigeration hasn’t exactly been around that long — my own parents remember storing sweet potatoes in a giant mound outside and digging up a few when it was time for dinner. So this weekend, we picked up thirty pounds of sweets from cute-as-pie Farmers Chris and Jenny to keep in a bin inside our cool, dark pantry. Those, along with a smackload of garlic and our previously purchased butternuts, should make the next few months a lot more bearable.

And with another twenty bulbs of elephant garlic from our friends at Mica Hill Farm, we’ve got enough aioli to make the Italian side of Brad’s family proud. So bring it on, Old Man Winter.

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