In the weeds

When a neighbor tore out his chimney, we couldn’t resist using the bricks to pave a walkway in front of the house. It seemed like a good way to pay respect to a community whose residents earned their living at the enormous brick mill down the street for almost a century.

We intentionally chose not to mortar so water could seep back through the gaps, eventually finding its way to the groundwater table. But that left lots of room for weeds and moss to sneak through the cracks.

I refuse to use poison for about a zillion reasons, but surrendering the beautiful path isn’t an option either. Instead, it’s off to the pantry for the cheapest, most effective herbicide on the market: white vinegar.

Simply pour the liquid into a sprayer and apply directly to problem areas. It might take a couple of applications, but the weak acid in vinegar will eventually do the job.

After only three days, these pesky weeds are ready to yank up. And the only side effects are uncontrollable fish and chip cravings.

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