I like to do drawerings

Been trying to keep up my goal of sketching something, anything, every day or two at least. It’s a habit I’ve picked up after the Creative South conference here in the spring.  About half the time I sketch on paper, but often I’ll use the iPad, too, and an app called Paper that I downloaded for free maybe a year ago. The iPad was easiest while we were just overseas on our Netherlands and Belgium adventure, and here are the sketches I drew there, in order. Sometimes they’re a realistic depiction of what I saw (The scene from the little fishing village of Marken is fairly close to what greeted us as we arrived via bike: historic clapboard houses in the foreground, horses in the field behind them, giant modern windmills in the distance; though I can’t remember if the sun was actually smiling. And the secret pub scene hits close to the mark, too, only it was far less visible than I made it). Sometimes the drawing is pure fantasy, like the hamster-driven boat and the questionable substance someone is smoking on the deck. Other times, the picture is somewhere in the middle. We did see a woman fall into a canal and get helped out, for instance, but she was wearing clothes.

We at The Dew Abides a’re working up a bunch of stories for the website based on what we saw there and how it’s changed us, what we can adapt to our simple-living mantra stateside, yadda yadda. We’ll keep it fun and not lecture-y, I promise. So check back often — or subscribe to our posts via email by hitting the “Follow” button on the bottom right of this page, or like our Facebook page, to stay abreast. (Heh, abreast… She was wearing clothes, I swear.)

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